Since first blogging on telecomms matters around 2005 about moving a master socket, our series of blogs appears to have helped many people.

We’re often asked about topics that we’ve already blogged about, and that other folks have contributed to with helpful comments.

Therefore, to make life easy, we decided to create some kind of index of our topics, so that we can simply send the link to this blog to anyone who has yet to find their answer.

Each group of blogs in under a topic heading.  Have fun!

Moving A Master Socket.

Can I Move My Master Socket? An Engineer’s View

Probably our most-viewed blog. Do you need it? Can you move it? Basic information with suggested alternatives

The New-Style NTE5C Master Socket – Faster Broadband?

Is the latest socket from Openreach any good? We test-drive and come up with some conclusions and warnings. Our audience chip in with much helpful experience from real-life.

How To Keep Your Master Socket Where It Is, But Still Get A Service Somewhere Else In Your Property

How to keep your master socket where it is, but take the service somewhere else in the property.

Yet More on The Master Socket Issue

How To Feed Your Broadband To Your Router Without Moving The Master Socket

How to feed broadband to your router without moving the master socket. Yes, it’s repeating some of the other blog content, but we do get asked a lot about this!

Will I Get “Caught” and “Fined” if I Move My Master Socket?

Some of the FAQs about the risks of moving your socket. Some customers get scared of Openreach. We address their fears. You’ll be fine, not fined.

How To Get Charged For Moving Your Master Socket

How to get it wrong if you move your master socket and create a fault. You really do have to be a bodger to do this, though.

Cables, Colours, Moving Routers

How To Avoid A Large Engineer’s Bill (It’s Easy…)

Service providers often threaten their customers with the cost of an engineer’s visit if they find that the fault is in the customer’s premises. This blog covers fault-testing using your master socket, and how to pass any blame over to the larger phone network.

Moving Your Router, Netflix Buffering, and A Happy Ending

Yes, it is possible. A true story involving Netflix buffering, poor wifi, and a cunning plan. It worked.

Colour Codes and Cables Explained – It Isn’t That, Hard, Really.

Just what it says, including explanation of colour codes of cables. Tips on how not to mess things up and damage your socket. Plus tool suggestions. It’s all quite easy.

What Is An Infinity Master Socket?

Written when “Infinity” was BT’s big advertising thing. It confused folks into thinking that they were getting a fibre optic service through a pair of copper wires. We clarify, and neatly summarise the whole master socket malarkey

More on Cable Colours.  Finding Engineers. The Mysteries of Fibre

Do I Have Fibre? Can I Get It? Some Common Questions Answered

Fibre FAQ. Do I have fibre, can I get it if there is a cabinet nearby that says “Fibre is Here”? The differences between “Fibre to the Cabinet” and “Fibre to the Premises” explained.

Cable Colours – The Mysteries Unravelled (Hopefully)

The occasional challenge of cable colours explained simply (I hope)

Yet More on Cable Colours

More unpacking of colour codes for the DIY engineer.

Why You Might Want To Change Your Old Master Socket (A Guided Tour, and A Troublesome Component Identified)

Older master sockets can be different inside to more recent products. We explain, and suggest that your socket may have a component that slows your broadband down. Time to swap it.

How Do I Find A Good Phone Engineer (and avoid scams)

Engineers – How to find them. What they cost. More importantly, how to avoid engineer scams.

How Much Should I Pay For A Good Phone Engineer?

Why are good ones quite expensive? What should you expect to pay, and why?

Cable and Cabling. Types, Repairing and Connecting.

“Help – I’ve Cut My Phone Line” – What To Do Next

Don’t Worry – It Can Be Fixed Easily. Some Engineer’s Advice

Dropwire – What Is That Odd Cable Coming Down Into My House?

A unique type of cable described. Also, why it can hurt you.

Help! Heeeelllpp!! I’ve damaged an underground Cable

These can be fixed. Just do it properly. Find out how here.

How to Repair and Connect Damaged Cables. An Engineer Makes It Easy

Almost all damage can be repaired. How to do it right and make it last

Choosing The Right Telephone and Broadband Cable

Not all cables are the same, though they may look similar. Here’s some engineer’s inside information.

The Odd BT Box Thingie On The Window Sill

Can you remove the strange, old, bar-of-soap-shaped box with wires running to it? Yes, you can.

Why Use The Correct Tool For Punching Down Cables in Connection Boxes/Sockets?

How not to ruin items and lose connection. This tool is important.

Choosing The Correct Type of Cable – Why It Matters

It may look right, but it may not BE right – an engineer explains.

Old, Flat, Grey Cable On My Outside Wall – What Is It? What Should I do With It?

Cat 5 and 6 Cabling

Wiring Your House With Data Cable – Some Basic Advice

We share some of our experience of cabling houses.

Cat 6a Cable. Why It Is Very Different to Cat 6/Cat 5e. How To Avoid Installation Errors.

Cat 6a cable differs in some fundamental ways to other data cable. Read more here.

Installing Cat5 Cable – Some Guidelines From An Experienced Engineer

How to data-cable your house without ripping the place apart.

Other Stuff (Important, But Does Not Fit a Category…)

How To Survive Calling A Customer Service Call Centre

Sooner or later, you’ll need to call them. We do it all the time. Here is our advice on how to keep your cool and get the best out of the encounter.

Phones For Old Folks – Practical Experience Shared From An Engineer

How to minimise hazards and make life easier for senior citizens. Some practical experience shared.

How to Get Broadband To Your Garden Office

We share our practical experience of bringing service to the bottom of the garden

Slow Broadband, Fibre, How It Works, etc.

Why is My Broadband So Slow?

There may be many reasons. Some might surprise you.

What is Fibre Broadband, Anyway? Have I got it? Can I have it?

It says “fibre broadband” on the cabinet in the street. Does this mean I’ve got it? Some confusion resolved.

Why Isn’t My Sky Phone Line Working? A Possible (Common) Cause.

Some Sky phone lines have a peculiar weakness that may cause problems. We reveal what it is.

Some Facts You Might Not Know About Your Broadband

Reasons why your internet might be slow, and how to avoid slowing it down.

Why Is My Phone Dead, But My Internet Working?

Why is my internet working , but my phone isn’t. This confused us, too.

That’s All, Folks!

Thanks to all who have contributed over the last fifteen years. We will continue to take the fear, uncertainty and occasional nonsense out of telecoms engineering, and hopefully help some people along the way.

I don’t make vast profits out of this site, and tend to be generous with advice, even though it usually has no chance of benefitting my small business in terms of revenue.  I sometimes struggle to respond in good time, as I’m out trying to earn a crust.   Thanks for your understanding.

However, if what I’ve shared is useful, please consider leaving a short Google Review. It helps revenue customers to find me.  Rob.