Google claims that lots of questions are asked about telephone cable.  Therefore, some of the popular ones are gathered here. They are straight from Google’s “People Also Ask…” .

What type of cable is used for telephone lines?

– Copper cable, with a twist in each pair of wires. Also colour-coded (read more here). Helpfully, the correct specification has a name, based on it’s old BT part name and code, CW1308

What is the best telephone cable to use?

– Anything which is copper core and to specification CW1308 should be fine.

BT cable?

– There is no such thing. This may be a term used for CW1308, which is a long-established BT specification for telephone cable.

What cable do I need for broadband extension?/Best telephone extension cable for broadband?

– Guess what? CW1308. However, don’t be tempted to use anything else if you don’t want a drop in speed. Also, it may be better to extend using Cat/Cat 6 data cable from your router’s LAN ports. More here.

Can alarm cable be used for telephone?

– No!! It is designed to carry simple current.  Not complex digital signals. Plus, it is not solid core, neither is it copper. However, with plain telephone service, you might be fine. But never, ever for broadband.  Further reading here.

Which type of cable from phone socket to router?

If it’s no more than a metre, then the thin lead supplied with your filter/router should be fine. However, for any further, don’t be tempted to use the same type of stuff in a huge length. Consider using Cat 5 or 6 data cable. More here.

What’s the best RJ11 cable for fibre/best adsl cable for fibre.

(A oddly-phrased question, taken straight from Google) I’m not sure about the “fibre” bit here. Your broadband signal arrives at a local cabinet by fibre optic cable. Then, it travels via a traditional copper pair. Likewise, if the fibre comes to your house, after it leaves the special termination box, it’s running on copper again (which is perfectly fine). Therefore, my comments about “what type of cable” above refer. Thus, always try and use Cat 5 /Cat 6 where possible. It is designed to carry high speed data.

What about shielded twisted pair ADSL cable?

Cat 6a cable is shielded. However, the correct termination modules must be used. Critically, the foil shielding must have a dedicated earth at one end. Otherwise, the shielding act like a big radio aerial, picking up interference. We have installed Cat6a cable. However, to work well, it must be done correctly. Therefore, it performs worse that Cat 5 if done badly,. More in a forthcoming blog.

How about cat6 rj11 cable

I’ve never encountered it. Thus, my comments on Cat6a above refer.

Can a phone cable be used as an Ethernet cable

I wouldn’t recommend it at all!

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Sadly, I’d love to help, but I’m increasingly involved in answering questions for free via email/phone when I should be generating revenue for my business. Sorry! Thanks for your understanding.

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