Having carried out complex telephone work for some of the UK’s major PLCs, I thought that sorting out domestic telephone wiring would be easy. Not so.

So,Telecom Green Ltd have been heavily involved in large phone system removal and recycling since 1999, and now offer a telephone wiring, fault finding, cabling, installation and repair service for domestic users and small businesses close to our base on the North Yorkshire border, near Stockton on Tees.

We’d been trading in used phone system equipment, as well as removing large PABX system and had increasingly developed classic telephone engineer skills in installation, cabling, programming and supply of systems. So, in 2011, as the market continued to evolve, we’d started marketing these services in the local area. So far, so good.

But why does this new side of our business come as a bit of a shock? Well, domestic telephone wiring can contain all kinds of “challenges”;- use of poor-quality and incorrect components, confusingly mixed colour coding of the actual telephone wiring, cables hidden behind, underneath, and through things, or simply cut off and buried in a garden. And sockets hanging off the wall, even the BT Master Socket as well as other horrors. Some home owners inherit the “creative” DIY telephone wiring handiwork of previous occupants. And, occasionally, things stop working.

Also, the humble domestic phone line was never designed to carry huge chunks of high-speed data such as broadband internet. I’m utterly amazed that broadband ever works at all. And sometimes it doesn’t. And once we’ve sorted internal telephone wiring problems out, we can help if the customer is in a dispute with their broadband company, who often claim that their service is just fine, whereas the speed is pretty lousy. It might just be their fault. But how do you prove it? We can help

And on the other hand, if the problem is at you side (due to faulty telephone wiring), then Openreach will charge you for their visit. At least £130. Ouch. Beware.

So, as much as we occasionally moan, we love the challenges of domestic telephone wiring problems. Drop us a line, call us on 01642 205077, or leave a comment below if you think we can help.