We’re the first Checkatrade-approved phone engineer team in The North East!

In February 2023, we achieved two significant “firsts” as telephone engineering company, residential and business. (Don’t switch off yet – they are important to you as a potential customer.)

1/ We’re the first phone engineers in The North East to achieve 100 Google five-star reviews. (Yippee!) . If you want to take a look, simply Google “Telecom Green Ltd”

2/ We are the only organisation in our area to gain Checkatrade Approved phone engineer status.  

Why Should This Matter to Anyone But Us…?

Normally, I don’t like reading companies’ boasts about gaining this or that award or standard. They usually mean photos of grinning people wearing suits in a posed photo, and a framed certificate in a reception area. Very nice, well done and all that, but do they have any relevance to how they do everyday business?

In our case, yes.

Our Google five stars have been won by consistently doing what the customer wants, reliably, ethically, creatively, and to budget. Customers say nice things because we meet and often exceed their expectations. That’s all. Fixing things, installing things, advising. It’s not actually that hard.

“Checkatrade?  Who?”

Therefore, what’s this Checkatrade  malarkey about? You’ve probably seen their media advertising with the vaguely irritating jingle. However, even though they are the largest trade-vetting company in the UK, we don’t sign up to these kind of organisations quickly. 

I’m either cynical or wise, depending on your viewpoint. There has to be a clear overall benefit to our potential customers (and us).

Simply, Checkatrade have a vetting system for any organisation that wants to gain their “approved” status. Having traded with some very large organisations, and gone through their “approved supplier” process, the Checkatrade 12-point vetting was surprisingly thorough. Below is exactly what they asked us.

“Identification. Have a photo ID handy, so we can verify who you are

Proof of address. We’ll need to see evidence of your trading address

Qualifications. You’ll need to show us proof of any regulated accreditations

Open-source check. We’ll search for any adverse media on you or your business Personal CCJ check. We’ll make sure you don’t have any personal county court judgments

Business CCJ check. And we’ll make sure you don’t have any business county court judgments either Company history. We’ll want to see proof of good trading history

Financial checks. We’ll carry out a bankruptcy and insolvency check Duplicate check. We’ll make sure you don’t match any previously declined, suspended or expelled trades

PLI. You’ll need to show us that you have valid public liability insurance

Director search. We’ll check your company for previous directorships or disqualifications

Customer experience check. We check your reviews on third-party websites

A Beginning, Not An End.

Therefore, if we’ve managed to get through all this and gain approval, plus get 100 Google Five-Star reviews, we must be doing something right, according to our customers.

However, I’m insistent that our reputation as Checkatrade-approved phone engineer is only as good as our last job. This is not some business guru catchphrase, but a gritty reality.

Thanks for bearing with our little bit of boasting.

If we can help, please be in touch. Hopefully, we can do a good job (again)