So, if you have a redundant Nortel Meridian Option 11, 61, 81 or CS1000, then here are some points you may find useful.We have been deinstalling, removing and  recycling Nortel Meridian PABX throughout the UK since 1999.

Buy and Sell? Sadly, the market for these systems has virtually disappeared. Circa 1998/9 we traded parts, but, particularly in recent years, hardly anything has been bought or sold. We’ve occasionally installed complete Option 11 phone systems, and it’s been gratifying to see them reused. However, it seems like these days have gone for good, and we’re reducing our stock. Rapidly.

Keep It Alive! It’s probably too late if you’re reading this, but you can discover how we help organisations keep their Meridian PABX alive here.

Disposal and WEEE. As these systems contain circuit boards, the waste needs to be handled appropriately, and is subject to the WEEE Regulations 2013. Almost everything in their construction, is recyclable, but is a labour-intensive process to separate the various components, particularly when recycling Nortel Meridian PABX family of Option 61 and 81 and CS1000 .

Batteries. The systems come with large power cabinets containing 300kgs or more of lead-acid batteries. These are deemed as hazardous waste,
need specific special disposal and documentation, and are hazardous from a shock and spillage aspect. We have much experience in handling these, and is not work for the inexperienced or ill-equipped due to multiple hazards.

Physical Handling and Dismantling. The Option 61 and Option 81 systems are made up of large, heavy alloy “cubes” stacked on top of each other and bolted together. To avoid injury, there is a specific disconnection sequence, which involves disconnection of a number of large, well-hidden cables. Several “cubes” can be moved intact, but care needs to be taken when moving through corridors, reception areas, etc, as the items are heavy, have sharp edges, and restrict vision due to their size. We have method statement and risk assessment documentation to cover this work.

Can You Do This Work With Your Own Staff?  Well, quite possibly, but, of course we wouldn’t recommend it. There are lots of potential problems that you can only face with cautious confidence if you’ve been doing this work for many years. Which we have. This work is often more like “bomb disposal” than “waste disposal” as live circuits are often hidden in cabling, routed through cabinets, etc. Of all the systems we deal with,recycling Nortel Meridian PABX present the greatest challenge and take the longest time . To the uninitiated, some of the locations of bolts and fasteners will seem downright illogical and infuriating. And if you do manage to dismantle it, someone will still need to take it away, and it can’t be slipped into a box like a redundant desktop PC.

So, we’re here to help. We’ve been doing this for a while, and for some major organisations If you’d like to discuss some work with us,please get in touch.