We are currently delivering our second year of Nortel Option PABX Managed Service, being “virtual telecommunications manager” to a major multinational. Hopefully, what I describe below will give some insight into how this works.

Our relationship with the Nortel Meridian 1 range (Option 11, Option 61, and Option 81),  goes back many years. We’ve taken many out, put quite a few in, and we’re now looking after one as part of a managed service arrangement with a major multinational at one of the largest chemical research buildings in Europe.

Wilton Centre near Middlesbrough, is the former Teesside office of ICI Since the mid-nineties, after the demise of ICI, it has been run as office accommodation for a number of high tech. Businesses, including Croda, Azko Nobel, Sabic, and many others. Our association with the telecommunications infrastructure in the building goes back to 2001, when we worked closely with the ICI telecommunications manager, and IBM, in changes to their PABX network. Latterly, we’ve worked with Wilton Centre Facilities Management on other legacy PABX projects. It’s a place that is very much part of our company history

Intertek Wilton, unlike the rest of the Intertek world-wide organisation, made the decision to stay with their existing Option 11 system, as the cost and perceived advantages of a transition to VOIP simply did not make cost/benefit sense. Quite simply, in the style of many well-established legacy PABX, it does what they want, reliably, and without expensive upgrades of premises cabling, IT infrastructure, or both. If they were considering hot-desking, remote working or SIP trunks, I’m sure that they’d review their position. Quite simply, they don’t need an expensive and feature-packed system, of which only 10% would be used. If only many other corporates rushing to a VOIP solution would apply similar common-sense…

The telecomms industry is full of mysterious terms. So, what is this “managed service” we provide? Simply, we are the one-stop shop for everything to do with the Nortel Meridian Option PABX. We oversee and manage the maintenance contract, (provided by a long-established UK independent specialist), provide additional telephones and devices, rectify cabling infrastructure faults, provide new sockets, move extension users and carry out necessary configuration and programming. Apart from that, not much.

Now, you might think that the cabling side is simply a matter of swinging a few leads on a patch panel. If only. Much of Wilton Centre’s legacy voice cabling network dates from the building’s construction, circa 1975. Record keeping and labelling standards have plummeted since the departure of some BT “old-timers” who knew the vast building intimately. Each “new provide” is a voyage of discovery, sometimes one that involves taking a flask and sandwiches.

Our other major “challenge” isn’t really a challenge at all, due to our long relationship with the site. Wilton Centre is managed by Wilton Centre Facilities Management. It has specific and exacting site health and safety and security regimes. We have a strong relationship with the operational management of The Centre, with connections going back many years, and mutual respect of each other, based around the high standards required of work that takes place at Wilton.

So, why this fanfare of self-promotion? It’s simple; If you require a managed telephony service covering your BT Nortel Option 11, Option 61, 81, or CS1000, we’d be delighted to help. Despite what many have suggested, these systems are not likely to disappear any time soon. See our recent blog on the Nortel Meridian End of Life issue.. In reality, they are far from “end of life”. Spares, knowledge and maintenance support is still available. It’s a system with many useful years of service ahead of it, and through providing our Nortel Option PABX Managed Service, we enjoy making it so.

We have a broad, practical engineering background, being technology driven, not sales-driven, and our client list speaks for itself.

If you think we can help, please get in touch.