High-Speed Former Stables

Stables Cat 6A

We’re as comfortable with large-scale projects as well as small domestic ones.

Occasionally, there are ones that are somewhere in between…

A consultant radiologist had acquired a wonderfully-refurbished converted stable block in Weardale. Unfortunately, the contractor who had cabled the building had not installed data cabling and sockets. Also, the telephone extensions had been cabled in a mysterious manner.

The requirement was for data sockets throughout the L-shaped building. However, all construction work had finished, so there were no opportunities to hide cables in loft spaces or ducts.

Cables had to be run unobtrusively on the outside of the building, entering without disturbing the décor. This was not a place to use ugly white commercial-grade trunking.

Furthermore, as the broadband speed to the house was critical, and cable runs were quite long, a high specification of external-grade cable was required. We specified Cat 6a cable of external grade.

The combination of these factors presented significant challenges. The original stone outer walls of the property had been insulated and lined on the inside, giving a combined thickness of almost a metre. The cat 6a cable did not tolerate tight bending (this reduces the performance), so care had to be taken to route it smoothly, yet unobtrusively.

The high-performance sockets themselves used an advance type of termination device, and once again, space had to be allowed for the extra room they took up. All this was carried out with minimum disruption to domestic life!

Where the project began to “stretch” in time and resources, close coordination was made with the owners.

The finished work meant no loss of broadband speed within the property whatsoever, even along 50 metre runs of cable.

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Posted on

2nd March 2018