In an earlier blog‎ , I explained what would be required in order to sell your old phone system. Too often, we are offered equipment, but can’t respond because we have incomplete information.

And, to recap, the market for used systems is poor. Please don’t be disappointed if you have few takers, or sell at a low price. This is just the way things are.

So, who will buy? I’d recommend two approaches.

Traders.  Firstly, there are  specialists (“traders”) which can be found via Google, typically by search terms such as “buy used phone system”. They might buy, refurbish, and remarket your old phone system. What they pay to you may not be close to what they sell the items to others for, so if you see similar stuff to yours advertised at a “good” price, don’t expect to receive even a fraction of that. Much stock is  slow-moving these days. A number of the long-established players left the scene or diversified several years ago, as it was impossible to survive on trading used systems. It may not be impossible to sell your old phone system, but it could be tough. Don’t be disappointed by low prices.

Meanwhile, if you would like us to do this bit for you, and find a buyer for you from our long-established network of traders, then we would be happy to do this.

Information is vital. The buyer needs to know exactly what they are getting, and you need to know the terms of purchase, that is, if they are buying “as found” or “in working order”. Generally, most traders are perfectly ethical, but good communication and clear specification is essential.

Collection or Shipping. Many traders will offer collection from your premises as part of the transaction. If not, then press them for this, as they will have preferential rates with their couriers. Ensure that items are packed well for shipping. This all takes time, but is worth it just in order to sell your old phone system.

Payment. Settlement will normally be by return, once the equipment is checked against your specification, inspected, and tested. This may take a couple of weeks, depending on their workload.

So, that’s the general procedure when selling to a trader.

There’s Always eBay…. eBay has it’s own category for this stuff! You may wish to ask an “experienced eBayer” in your company to do this for you, as they will understand etiquette and procedures, as well as have a feedback rating.  It’s certainly worth trying, but has to be approached slightly differently than selling to a trader.

What’s good about eBay? Well, what may not sell to the trade, may possibly sell to an eBayer, although this may take time, and a rolling “Buy It Now” is more sensible than an auction.  And you’ll be paid straight away, as well as being protected by eBay’s terms and conditions.

And what’s not so good? Occasionally, someone might buy the equipment without having the skill to install it. They then might point the finger back at the seller, claiming faulty goods.. And, trying to sell your old phone system on eBay  can be a long game. And you will have to arrange your own shipping for often outsized and/or heavy items. Calculate with care! Each telephone will weigh around one kilogramme. On-line shipping sites such as Parcel2Go may be able to help.

So, those are the two principal ways to sell your old phone system.

Drop us a line, or call us on 01642 205077 if you need any help!