Having traded in used telephone systems since 1999, we’re familiar what helps sell your old phone system.  I’ll do this in two blogs, the first being about fundamentals and market conditions, the second part  about who might buy, and how to find them

First of all, the market is very poor indeed. No, it’s even worse than that. Simply too much used phone equipment and too few buyers.. So how on earth did it get this bad?

Recent years have seen a rush to a new generation of VOIP (voice over IP) systems (voice over IP) systems. Perfectly serviceable and reliable systems have been replaced. VOIP (and SIP) are the future, we’re told…

So, there are less traditional systems out there working, so therefore, less of a market for refurbished phones and main equipment to be installed onto them. More supply, much less demand. Hence why prices have fallen through the floor.

We can help to sell your old phone system, but first, there are things we, and any other potential buyer, needs to know…

What Is It?  We often get calls that begin:- “I’ve got a used phone system, would you like to buy it?” This is rather like “Would you like to buy my car – it’s a white one”.

Information is vital, such as:-

  • Make and model of the system.
  • Lines and extensions capacity,
  • Type of telephones (usually readable on the underside),
  • Colour and condition (many telephones turn yellow in the sun, and this decreases value),
  • How many extensions it used to serve. Analogue or digital?

A decent emailed specification will increase the chance of finding a buyer. It’s certainly worth spending the time to do this.

Pictures!  If it’s possible to take the front cover off, open the door, or otherwise carefully expose the control unit’s cards and hardware, A trained eye can spot things from a photo immediately.

“Fiddly Bits” Lots of used phone systems arrive at our premises for potential reuse with vital, seemingly inconsequential (but irreplaceable) bits missing. Wall brackets, bespoke cables, adapters, dongles, clips,“thingies”. Missing bits lower value even further. Always ensure that whoever removes the system from the wall, or assembles the various bit for collection, leaves nothing out.

Passwords, Records, etc  As above. It’s frustrating to be locked out of a system for want of a missing password, key code, etc. Simply bung all supporting documentation in!

Reuse is the best form of recycling, but any potential new owner needs to know what they will be reusing. Meanwhile, there is an even better way of disposing of your equipment.  And it’s most certainly NOT this one…

And one powerful tool to use in order to sell your old phone system is to use it in part-exchange against their new one. Your supplier will be eager to close the deal,, so make disposal a bargaining point. . They will have more than enough margin in the transaction to cover any disposal costs. So, make it their problem, not yours. A condition of the sale. Be bold. It’s not uncommon to do things this way.

However, if this opportunity has past, and you need help, even for recycling, you are more than welcome to drop us a line , or call on 01642 205077. We love matching sellers to buyers, and might just be able to help. And apart from us, I’ll list some other “routes to a buyer” in a another blog