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Darlington is home to the leading supplier of IT systems for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport. Exis Technologies have 30 years’ experience of supporting major shipping lines, ferry operators, ports and terminals, logistics operators, freight forwarders, government and regulatory organisations worldwide.

We were approached when their legacy BT Nortel telephone system began to misbehave slightly. As our roots are in maintaining used equipment, we tried all possible solutions to keep their old system alive. Many players in the telecommunications industry are mercilessly sales-driven, and their default position is to force a sale of new equipment at every opportunity. We hold the opposite viewpoint; we will endeavour to keep a legacy system alive whenever possible.

A new system was, however, required. “New” need not mean expensive, over-complex, unproven. Thanks to it’s sales-obsessed characteristics, the industry is fast moving, and perfectly serviceable, well-equipped used hardware quickly becomes available at a fraction of it’s purchase price as new products get forced onto customers as “the latest thing that you must have.

Enter the LG Nortel iPECS. Well-equipped, telephones user-friendly and pleasing to the eye, with the capability to be upgraded as required. A long-established trader in refurbished used systems supplied a complete new system. We engaged a skilled and experienced engineer to install it.

We’re engineering-led and take a long, broad, view of our clients requirements. In the course of planning and surveying their premises, we discovered that some of their internal cabling was of a specification that would not allow “power over ethernet” services, a fact that could only be spotted by close inspection.

Furthermore, as part of our routine audit of their incoming lines, we found that only three out of the four that they paid for were connected to their telephone system. Mysteriously, one of the lines left the local exchange but never made it to their office, although they had been paying for the line for some time.

Finally, we worked closely with their line provider on a quality of service issue regarding their lines, knowing how to “talk technical” and not be bamboozled by the customer service call centre. We enjoy what we do.


Feedback from Exis Technologies

Working with Rob was an absolute pleasure – no nonsense, efficient, thorough, even entertaining. We had our old BT Nortel exchange for around 13 years, after which it started with a number of intermittent faults.

Rob visited our premises, analysed the issue very quickly, explained that there was no reasonable fix available and recommended a replacement exchange. The price was very good, the installation smooth and Rob also tidied up some very messy legacy cabling. What we have now is so much better than what we had before.

All in all an excellent job and we can recommend Rob’s services without hesitation.

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Posted on

6th April 2018