We’ve been doing telecoms site surveys since literally the end of the last century. And we’ve had to battle through telecommunications installation jobs that hadn’t been surveyed properly. So we know how important a good telecoms site survey is.

And this has included Wi-Fi implementation. We’ve recently concluded a major programme of Wi-Fi installation for one of the UK’s largest hospitality groups, across a whole portfolio of venues of all shapes, sizes and unusual challenges. It was character-building. But successful.

Our roots in deinstallation of large PABX for major corporates go back to 1999. An adequate survey of existing cable routing, hardware to remain on site, and physical characteristics was utterly vital for that work. Much of work was “long haul”, in the UK from Aberdeen to Bournemouth, so it wasn’t usually convenient to “just nip back” to our Stockton on Tees base and come back tomorrow. So we know what it’s like to have the threat of a wasted journey due to poor preparation.

We haven’t mentioned photography. We take site photos. Lots of them, as required. We know how important they are to telecoms site surveys. And that a trained eye can spot a potential “show-stopper” very easily. But needs a photo.

Carrying out thorough line and hardware audits on premises is also one of our specialty. We’ve done that recently for a major pub chain . We love rooting out redundant lines and hardware. We don’t rush this work.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we do actually pull in cables, screw things to walls, install systems, and make things work ourselves. We aren’t surveyors with designer jeans and polo shirts. And we hold CSCS Certification to allow us to enter construction sites.

We’ve also worked as a “boots on the ground” rapid on-site response resource for a number of telecommunications companies from outside the area, so can coordinate with your own help desk teams in bringing dead or poorly equipment back to life, or diagnosing line or premises faults. And quickly.

If we can help, please be in touch!. We operate out of Stockton on Tees, but travel far and wide. And we like doing a good job, because we know that a good telecoms site survey ensures the timely completion of work. We’ve done it.