We’ve been asked to provide an Avaya IP Office Telephone Engineer recently. We love sorting out problems  with “orphan” systems. Usually, these lack a maintenance contract or even a casual relationship with an engineer. We’ve blogged about this, including a case study, here!

It’s “Britain’s Number One System” according to BT.  However, I’m not sure what they mean by that. Number one in people using it, or something else? However, from our humble, front-line experience, we do know this about it:-

1/It Doesn’t Seem To Break Very Often.

It’s a pretty reliable piece of hardware, like it’s Avaya ancestors, notably the INDeX, . It doesn’t seem to go wrong.

2/ You’ll Never Run Out of Features.

It’s full of useful features, and most users never use more than 20% of them. However, unlike other systems, there are no odd “gotchas” preventing certain features being used together. Therefore, it is liked by engineers, even hard-to-please ones, .

3/  The Future. No Problem

If you have the 500 series, it can be set up to work with the latest version of “lines”, namely “SIP Trunks”. Apparently, this technology will supersede everything else by 2025, according to BT. IP Office is ready.

4/Great Value Hardware  

As some people have replaced their IP Office with something else (more modern, but probably inferior) there are plenty of bargains to be had in the second-hand market. However, don’t assume that this means tired phones flogged by the dozen on eBay – in reality, fully-refurbished, guaranteed phones can be bought for very little.

5/ Knowledge.

Numerous systems means numerous engineers.  Therefore, there is plenty of knowledge around, not that it’s needed that much.

6/ What Financial Crisis?

Financial restructuring has hit Avaya in recent years. Consequently, unscrupulous salesmen may stress this and infer that somehow this affects support and how your system is supported. How do they leap from a corporate event in North America to a well-engineered system functioning 4000 miles away?

We also support LG iPECS. Similarly, IP Office is in a particular “sweet spot”:- It’s modern and flexible enough to be a powerful business tool, yet of and age where support is plentiful and hardware cheap.

If We Can Help, Please Get In Touch.

We work closely with one of the best IP Office engineers in The North of England, and have access to some outstanding suppliers of refurbished hardware. Drop us a line if you are in search of an Avaya IP Office Telephone Engineer .