Because we’re independent telephone engineers based in Stockton on Tees dealing with business telephone systems, including LG Products, we’ve been called in recent months by businesses looking for LG Phone Systems Support on LG Nortel Nexter and Ericsson LG IPECS systems.

Customers have been surprised that we’ve not wanted to sell them a new system.  No, that’s not our priority – we enjoy keeping systems alive and well, despite their age.  We have no sales target to meet.

We understand that Daisy supply lots of these systems to their clients, and we were called by one of them recently looking for a more local and cost-effective “SOS” response to a failed system.

Also, we’re aware of a company called Tees Valley Telecom , based in Middlesbrough, who ceased trading recently. We’ve received unsolicited contacts from their clients regarding system maintenance and support on LG Nexer systems. For the record, we have no commercial connection with them, past or present.

Now, we’re not official dealers of LG Equipment , but because of our size and local presence, we’ve been able to act as a rapid “first response” to their problems. And often bring systems back to life quickly. So, how do we do this?

Telecom Green Ltd belong to a long-established on-line forum of professional independent telecomms engineers based across the UK, all in daily touch by internet and email. Between the group of around sixty of us, we hold vast knowledge and experience about the majority of business telephone hone systems in service today.

Among those is a skilled specialist in LG systems with whom we have a long-standing relationship, and who is always on hand to give us technical support, as well as being able to remotely access business phone systems where physically possible.

So, with our local presence and rapid response, backed by some of the best technical skill and experience in the UK, we can apply”reasonable endeavours” to fix and advise on many issues relating to LG systems such as the LDK50, LDK20, 100, or 300, Nexter,  IPECS, or even the legacy GDK 16, 20, 34 and 186.

But here’s the main difference;- unlike many players in the industry, we’re not determined to “rubbish” your old system and persuade you to buy a new one. Our roots are in refurbishment and recycling , and we currently look after some systems that are almost twenty years old. We believe in keeping older equipment running, rather than simply making sales targets. And, beyond being local, we have much experience with major clients throughout the UK on large telephone systems.

So, if you think we might be able to help please be in touch! , We’re telephone engineers, first and foremost, happy to offer LG Phone Systems Support and love the satisfaction of sorting out problems. No salesman will call..

(Oh, and a P.S. just to make everything absolutely clear – “Reasonable endeavours” is what we promise (a copy of the terms and conditions of this is available on request). So we can’t always guarantee a fix there and then, but will do our very best. And if you find that telephone engineer’s magic wand, we’d like to hear from you.)