Since 1999, we’ve been heavily involved with Siemens ISDX Realitis Removal and Recycling. We’re often asked the same questions, so thought we’d share some of the answers.

Systems have been taken out large and small from every conceivable physical location and for many PLCs, local authorities, police forces, etc. This is never a case of “ripping out” as some clients call it. Typically, the phone system will sit surrounded by live and vital equipment. This job is often more “bomb disposal” than “waste disposal” – care needs to be taken to prevent something potentially nasty happening to live telecommunications circuits (and our reputation).

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:-

So, Isn’t My Realitis Worth Something? Sadly not. Back in 1999, there was a vigorous market in cards and parts. The rise and rise of VOIP systems, plus a number of tactics by the manufacturers mean that it’s not possible to even cover costs of removal by sale of parts. We’ve had a close relationship with the major traders of this equipment for many years, and feel that we know our market well. We’d love to reinstall complete systems, but this is unlikely to happen ever again.

Isn’t it Worth Something as Recyclable Waste? Yes, but not enough to cover our costs. Plus, it’s labour-intensive to separate the various waste types. The actual work on site of our Siemens ISDX Realitis Removal and Recycling activities is only part of the process that you’d pay for.

Can You Dispose of The Batteries? Yes. We have all the necessary accreditations to handle the several hundred kilos of lead-acid battery that act as a UPS to larger systems. We have had our health and safety handling procedures vetted by some of the most strict regimes found in UK industry before being permitted to work on their sites, including those of some major chemical and power industry bodies, so we can handle this hazardous waste with confidence and competence.

And Do You Comply With The WEEE Directive? Yes, we’re a Licensed Waste Carrier, and our premises are registered with The Environment Agency for the storage of Electronic Waste. You’ll receive a Duty of Care document to cover mutual liabilities.

Our Site Requires Specific Health and Safety Documents. Can You Comply? Yes indeed. Our earliest work took place on petrochemical plants in The North of England where working is strictly regulated. RAMS documents and PTW compliance are easy for us.

Couldn’t our Own Staff Do This Work? Well, they could, but there are certain key issues that we’ve not mentioned here that may catch your people out and prolong the work. When you buy our services, many years of expertise comes with it.

We Have A Network of These Systems Spread Across a Number of Sites – Do You Have the Resources to Remove Them All in One “Hit”? Yes, in fact in February 2013, we removed nine systems in four days on behalf of a large police force. Something of a record for us, but easily achievable with experience, coordination, and good planning.

We quite enjoy carrying out Siemens ISDX Realitis Removal and Recycling, so if you think we can help, please get in touch via our contact form (or even give us a ring!)