We’re soon to enter our twentieth year of removing legacy PBX of all sizes. We are mainly engineers these days, putting things in, rather than taking them out, and fixing faults. However, we love going “back to our roots” in removing large systems from tight spaces, multiple locations, and difficult environments.  Read more of our story here.

Waste Disposal as Bomb Disposal.

It’s not a “slash and burn” operation. This sort of “waste disposal” is often more like “bomb disposal” . We work around live cables to extract equipment which may have been in situ for over thirty years.  Records are unhelpful, nothing is labelled, care must be taken. However, we love the challenge.

Planning and Coordination.

We know what we need to inform you about, and also what you need to do before we arrive on site. It’s not just a case of turning up and seeing what we find.  Furthermore, if we’re dealing with multiple sites, we’ll optimise a route and coordinate with site contacts.  Leave it with us – we’ve done it before (and enjoy a well-planned campaign)

Compliance with site safety regimes.

We produce our own bespoke risk assessments and method statements, based on our own actual experience of hazards, rather than being a downloaded generic tick-box. One of our current customers is the petrochemical multinational ConocoPhillips whose sites operate to exacting standards.  We’ve also done work at highly sensitive pharmaceutical and utility sites (the latter being very exacting and prestigious, but I can’t say where it was…).  

Environmental Waste Accreditations.

We are licensed waste carriers, have accreditation for waste electronic equipment handling, and produce hazardous waste carrier notes as required.


Some legacy PABX are powered by around a tonne of potentially-lethal and definitely toxic lead-acid batteries.  We remove and recycle these, too, covering their movement with appropriate documentation and protecting all via appropriate handling measures.. More to read from our blog here.

Coordination on site.

We work closely with all relevant parties, facilities managers, site security and IT/voice managers.  Point us at the right people, and we will do the rest.

Care in your Comms. Room.

Almost twenty years of doing this work successfully have taught us many lessons in avoiding severing live circuits. Furthermore, we’ve developed significant expertise in circuit tracing and cable installation in recent years as we’ve been sought for our engineering skills. Consequently, we are disposal people, but with an installer’s forensic skill-set.  

Time For A Spring Clean?

If your comms. room requires a thorough audit of circuits and hardware, we are happy to quote.  Many sites suffer from a legacy of poor housekeeping, resulting in wasted space and billed but unused circuits.  We will investigate, label and report as required.  Slow, painstaking work, but we love it.

A Proven Track Record.

Our client list includes major PLCs, retail groups, government bodies, police forces and utilities. Read more towards the bottom of the page here.

If we can help in removing legacy PBX , please get in touch. There’s much more to tell.