Our base is only a 20 minute drive from the (former ICI) Wilton International Site (between Middlesbrough and Redcar on Teesside). 

We Know Our Way Around

Our relationship with the Wilton Complex, both manufacturing site and office at Wilton Centre goes back to 2001. We hold all the necessary site security accreditation for access. Furthermore,we’re also well-acquainted with the exacting safety regimes.  We can produce risk assessment and method statement documents to the highest standard. These are based on us actually having worked there. We didn’t find them as templates on the internet…

We Are Already Working There. A Recent Case Study.

Plus, we currently serve Intertek , based in The Wilton Centre. All cabling, software moves and changes, and hardware faults are covered by Telecom Green Ltd.   A four-hour response time to faults on their Nortel Meridian Option 11 PABX is provided through our relationship with a national maintainer.

We were recently contacted by Cofely Fabricom GDF Suez , another major multinational with an office on the Wilton site. Their phone system had developed a major fault.  Unfortunately, a maintenance contract was missing.. Furthermore, the IT manager, who normally accessed the system remotely, could not do so because of the fault. He was 100 miles away. They were losing calls from customers. Oh dear…

We were able to attend site within three hours of their call. We diagnosed their physical connection issues, and identified a major environment fault (which may have caused the failure). Finally, we referred the IT manager to a contact of ours with vast experience of the system who could suggest some remedies.

The IT manager on site worked closely with them, and brought the system back to full health. We love this work.

Engineering-Led (“Fixing, Not Flogging”)

We didn’t try and sell the customer a new phone system. That’s not our main aim. We’re an engineering-led company that likes the challenge of sorting out problems. Therefore, if we don’t know how to, we probably have a relationship with someone who can.

Can We Help?

Quite possibly. If you think so, please be in touch